Full Gig List 2013

Full Gig List 2013

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  4. We were driving behind someone today in Cheadle Hulme who had a car sticker for Crepes and Drapes and so ‘Googled’ it. We’ve wanted somewhere relatively local for rock n roll dancing and now we know where you hold gigs, we will be there! Please let us have a 2013 gig list. – Can’t wait to come for a dance! Linds n John.

    • Thanks for the interst, please keep visiting our site for all the 2013 gigs.

      there is a gig this friday 28th at the John Alker Club, Flixton Road, Flixton, M41 6QY

      doors open at 7.30.

      hope to see you there

      Les :)

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